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Jeffrey Ford is the author of three previous story collections and eight previous novels, including the Edgar® Award-winning The Girl in the Glass and the Shirley Jackson Award-winning The Shadow Year. A former professor of writing and early American literature, Ford now writes full-time in Ohio, where he lives with his wife.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Jeffrey Ford
Short stories
At Reparata (1999)
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant [short story] (2000)Nebula Awards (nominee)
The Empire of Ice Cream [short story] (2003)

World Fantasy Best Novel winner (1998) : The Physiognomy
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (2001) : The Fantasy Writer's Assistant [short story]
World Fantasy Best Collection winner (2003) : The Fantasy Writer's Assistant: And Other Stories
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (2003) : The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (2007) : The Girl in the Glass
World Fantasy Best Novel winner (2009) : The Shadow Year

Jeffrey Ford recommends
Meet Me in the Moon Room (2001)
Ray Vukcevich
"The absurd and the profound are seamlessly joined through fine writing. Meet Me in the Moon Room is a first-rate collection."
The Devil in Brisbane (2005)
Zoran živković
"The Devil in Brisbane is an anthology alive with all of the spontaneity, cunning, wild imagination, and artifice of its namesake. Zoran živković has conjured thirty tales of sardonic splendor from Australian writers both new and more established. In this case, the Devil is most definitely in the details."
The Traitor (2007)
(Cheek Frawg's Weird, book 1)
Michael Cisco
"Michael Cisco's The Traitor is a sinister, hilarious, and profound story, hallucinatory in its language magic... Lovers of dark fantasy will find something utterly unique and compelling here."
Shadowbridge (2007)
(Shadowbridge, book 1)
Gregory Frost
"Beautifully written and realized."
Escape From Hell! (2009)
Hal Duncan
"Duncan's writing is fluent and powerful. He possesses an imagination capable of both conjuring words and capturing the intricacies of moments."
The Enigmatic Pilot (2011)
Kris Saknussemm
"Kris Saknussemm's Enigmatic Pilot, with its shades of Twain and Melville's Confidence Man, its own unique style and vision, sense of humor and remarkable characters, is a balls out adventure story, a fascinating "historical" account of the Civil War era, a love story, and a mirror within which a reader might glimpse the current state of the union."
The Subterranean Season (2015)
Dale Bailey
"Bailey, unlike a lot contemporaries, never forgets the humor, which makes the darkness more profound."
Shiloh (2018)
Philip Fracassi
"A masterful, mad charge into the weird."
Creatures of Want & Ruin (2018)
(Creatures , book 2)
Molly Tanzer
"The writing in Molly Tanzer's Creatures of Want and Ruin is so smooth you don't notice it past the first word. The story telling takes over and you just want more of Ellie West and the denizens of her world, the dead-on 1920s Long Island historical setting, the Great South Bay, the apocalyptic religious cult, the strangeness, until the end and there's no more story to go. A wonderfully engaging read!"
Anthropocene Rag (2020)
Alex Irvine
"Willy Wonka meets Huck Finn, Anthropocene Rag is a rare distillation of nanotech, apocalypse, and mythic Americana into a heady psychedelic brew."
The Invisible (2020)
(City-States Cycle)
Seb Doubinsky
"Seb Doubinsky’s The Invisible is proof positive that often less is more – its chapters neat, sharp tiles in a complex mosaic. It reminded of Simenon and Lem for noir and the politics of a dystopian hierarchy, and reminded of Doubinsky in its brushes with Egyptian mythologies and a weird untethered experience for the reader. Even if this is your first foray into the City-States Cycle, it’s as good an entry point as any. Fascinating structure, cool clear prose."
Burning Girls and Other Stories (2021)
Veronica Schanoes
"Brilliant tales of enviable imagination, gracefully written, and with a strong feminist center. One of the best collections I've come across in recent years."
The Splendid City (2022)
Karen Heuler
"Karen Heuler's The Splendid City is a wonderful fabulation, both humorous and contemplative, about the desperate state of US politics and society. In this world without a moral center, Eleanor, a witch, and her black cat familiar, Stan, who walks on two legs and packs a gun, much like Behemoth from Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, are called to solve a mystery. The writing is engaging and smooth, with excellent banter, as the communal power of women works to find a purpose in a crazy world."

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