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Mac Fortner grew up in Evansville, Indiana on the Ohio River. He started writing songs as a young man and became more serious about it after he returned from Viet Nam. His songs all have stories to them, as songs do, so he decided to expand on them. He gave the song a plot and the characters a personality. Threw in some beautiful women, action, drugs, and murder and had a good story. He has incorporated some of his song lyrics in every book. His first book Rum City Bar is a BESTSELLER. It now has a sequel called Rumora. The second series he has published is about Cam Derringer, a guitar-playing sleuth in Key West. So far there are three books in this series. All three have hit the BESTSELLERS rank on Amazon. Knee Deep--Bloodshot--Key West: Two Birds One Stone
Mac says writing books has become a new passion. You never know where it will take you.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller
New and upcoming books
Sunny Ray
   1. Rum City Barr (2012)
   2. Battle For Rumora (2015)
   3. The Sovereign Sister (2023)
Cam Derringer
   0.5. A Dark Night in Key West (2018)
   1. Knee Deep (2014)
   2. Bloodshot (2017)
   3. Key West (2018)
   4. Murder Fest Key West (2019)
   5. Hemingway's Treasure (2019)
   6. Same Old Song (2020)
   7. The Bahama Blues (2021)
   8. The Wrong Key (2021)
   9. Loose Lips Sink Ships (2022)
   10. Water, Water Everywhere (2022)
   11. Deep Blue Alibi (2022)
   12. Deep Blue Deception (2023)
   13. Chasing the Tide (2023)
   14. The Tide Also Rises (2023)
   15. The Lost Souls of the Keys (2024)
   16. The Tropical Gambit (2024)

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