Patrick Freivald

Patrick Freivald is a four-time Bram Stoker Award nominee, a teacher, a beekeeper, and a high school coach for competition robotics. He is the author of Black Tide, Black List, and Jade Sky. He lives in Springwater, New York.

Genres: Science Fiction
Twice Shy
1. Twice Shy (2012)
2. Special Dead (2013)
Matt Rowley
1. Jade Sky (2014)
2. Black Tide (2015)
3. Jade Gods (2016)
Blood List (2013) (with Philip Freivald)
Never Fear (2015) (with Rachel Aukes, Rich Devin, Michael Koogler, Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy, Paul Mannering, Elle J Rossi, Lance Taubold and F Paul Wilson)
Anthologies edited
Demonic Visions 50 Horror Tales (2013) (with Matt Drabble, Robert Friedrich, Raymond Gates, K Trap Jones, Sydney Leigh, Joe McKinney, Rick McQuiston, Adam Millard, Jeani Rector, Chris Robertson, Mark Slade, Rob Smales, Jeffrey Thomas and A R Wise)
     aka Demonic Visions 50 Horror Tales
Uncharted Worlds: Xeno Encounters (2016) (with Matthew Costello, Ed DeAngelis, Jeff DePew, Richard Devin, Thomas F Monteleone, Aidan Russell, Michael A Stackpole, Lance Taubold and F Paul Wilson)
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (2015) : Black Tide

Patrick Freivald recommends
One of Us (2018)
Craig DiLouie
"This seamless fable of loss, violence, and hope forces us to examine what it means to be different and what it means to be human."

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