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Stewart Farrar

UK flag (1916 - 2000)

aka Laurie Stewart, Margot Villiers

Stewart Farrar was an English author of books on Alexandrian Wicca. Along with his wife, Janet Farrar, he was an influential Neopagan author and teacher. According to George Knowles, "some seventy five percent of Wiccans both in the Republic and North of Ireland can trace their roots back to the Farrar's [sic]"[1] A journalist, scriptwriter, and World War II veteran, Farrar also published a number of works of fiction, including detective novels, many of which dealt with the occult and witchcraft.
Non fiction
What Witches Do (1971)
Eight Sabbats for Witches (1980) (with Janet Farrar)
A Witches' Bible (1984) (with Janet Farrar)
The Witches' Way (1984) (with Janet Farrar)
The Witches' Goddess (1987) (with Janet Farrar)
The Witches' God (1989) (with Janet Farrar)
Spells and How They Work (1990) (with Janet Farrar)
The Pagan Path (1995) (with Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar)
Witch's Dozen (1996)
The Healing Craft (1999) (with Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar)
The Complete Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses (2000) (with Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar)
Anthologies containing stories by Stewart Farrar
Short stories
The Girl in Question