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John Burke

(Jonathan Frederick Burke)
UK flag (1922 - 2011)

aka Russ Ames, J F Burke, Jonathan Burke, Harriet Esmond, Jonathan George, Robert Miall, Martin Sands
Jason King (as by Robert Miall)
Kill Jason King (1972)
Jason King (1972)

Swift Summer (1949) (as by J F Burke)
The Outward Walls (1952)
Ambush At Lava Rock (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
Billy the Kid (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
The Chisholm Trail (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
The Dark Gateway (1953)
     aka The Nightmare Whisperers
Handsome Hellion (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
Justice At Gyp Hills (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
Kid Fury (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
Kill or Be Killed (1953) (as by Russ Ames)
The Caballero (1954) (as by Russ Ames)
Colt Cavalier (1954) (as by Russ Ames)
Drowned By Fire (1954) (as by Russ Ames)
The Echoing Worlds (1954) (as by Jonathan Burke)
Pattern of Shadows (1954)
Twilight of Reason (1954)
Hotel Cosmos (1954) (as by Jonathan Burke)
Deep Freeze (1955)
Revolt of the Humans (1955) (as by Jonathan Burke)
Gentle City (1955) (as by Russ Ames)
The Poison Cupboard (1956)
Pursuit Through Time (1956)
Fear By Instalments (1960)
Only the Ruthless Can Play (1965)
Goodbye, Gillian (1966) (as by Jonathan Burke)
The Weekend Girls (1966) (as by Jonathan Burke)
Dracula (1967)
Gossip to the Grave (1967) (as by Jonathan Burke)
The Jokers (1967) (as by Martin Sands)
Maroc 7 (1967) (as by Martin Sands)
Privilege (1967)
Till Death Us Do Part (1967)
The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (1968)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
Someone Lying, Someone Dying (1968) (as by Jonathan Burke)
Moon Zero Two (1969)
Rob the Lady (1969) (as by Jonathan Burke)
The Smashing Bird I Used To know (1969)
All the Right Noises (1970)
Four Stars for Danger (1970) (as by Jonathan Burke)
The Kill Dog (1970) (as by Jonathan George)
Strange Report (1970)
Dad's Army (1971)
Dead Letters (1972) (as by Jonathan George)
Expo 80 (1972)
The Protectors (1973) (as by Robert Miall)
The Adventurer (1973) (as by Robert Miall)
Darsham's Tower (1973) (as by Harriet Esmond)
     aka Darsham's Folly
The Eyestones (1975) (as by Harriet Esmond)
Luke's Kingdom (1976)
The Florian Signet (1977) (as by Harriet Esmond)
Prince Regent (1979)
King and Castle (1986)
The Merciless Dead (2008)
The Golden Horns (2011)
The Old Man of the Stars (2011)
Echo of Barbara (2013)
The Twisted Tongues (2013)
Dreams, Demons and Death (2014)


Series contributed to
UFO (as by Robert Miall)
1. Flesh Hunters (1970)
2. Sporting Blood (1971)
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by John Burke
Short stories
Be Our Guest
A Comedy of Terrors
Don't You Dare
The Loiterers
The Lost Child
Party Games
The Curse of Frankenstein (1966)
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1966)
The Gorgon (1966)
The Revenge of Frankenstein (1966)
Dracula - Prince of Darkness (1967)
The Plague of the Zombies (1967)
Rasputin - The Mad Monk (1967)
The Reptile (1967)
The Tourists (1969)
Lucille Would Have Known (1980)
A Game of Consequences (1997)
The Right Ending (1997)

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