Susan Forest

   Immunity to Strange Tales (2012)
   Enigma Front: Burnt (2016) (with Jayne Barnard, Renee Bennett, Robert Bose, Chris Patrick Carolan, Christopher Chupik, Ron S Friedman, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Katie Harse, Chris M Jessop, Adria Laycraft, Colin Maheu, Brent Nichols, R Overwater, Lee F Patrick, Celeste A Peters, Tim Reynolds, Robert J Sawyer, Erin Sneath and David Worsick)
   Enigma Front: The Monster Within (2017) (with Shannon Allen, Renee Bennett, Robert Bose, Chris Patrick Carolan, J M Dover, Robert W Easton, Ron S Friedman, Michael Gillett, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Calvin D Jim, Colin Maheu, Brent Nichols, Al Onia, Selene O'Rourke, Celeste A Peters, Robert J Sawyer, Erin Sneath, Stephen Swan and Kevin Weir)
Anthologies edited
   Strangers Among Us (2016) (with Lucas K Law)
   Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts (2016) (with Lucas K Law)
   The Sum of Us (2017) (with Lucas K Law and Lucas K. Law)
   The Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound (2017) (with Lucas K Law)
   Shades Within Us (2018) (with Lucas K Law)
   Seasons Between Us (2021) (with Lucas K Law)