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C. P. Giuliani has been called an Anglomaniac, an editor, a playwright, a translator, a blogger, and several kinds of writer – and never denied any of it. She lives in the whereabouts of Mantua, Italy (incidentally the place where Shakespeare’s Romeo gets the poison) in the company of her very patient mother, two unhinged cats and a large garden.
She began by studying the Classics and International Relations – and then swerved to the timber trade first, and later the pen and the stage. A passion for history and stories has led her to write historical fiction both in Italian and English.
A serious theatre-geek, she also writes, directs, teaches playwriting, does backstage work, and very occasionally understudies with Mantua’s historic Compagnia Campogalliani.
C.P. writes The Tom Walsingham Mysteries, murder mysteries with a dash of espionage, set in Elizabethan times, between England and France.


Genres: Historical Mystery
New and upcoming books
Tom Walsingham Mystery
   1. The Road to Murder (2022)
   2. A Treasonous Path (2022)
   3. Death in Rheims (2023)
   4. A Deadly Complot (2024)
   5. A Snare of Deceit (2024)

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