Colin Gee

UK flag (b.1957)

Colin Gee was born in Haslar Naval Hospital, Gosport, UK, spending the first two years of his life at the naval base in Malta. At the age of 3 he went to live with his grandparents, who brought him up. In 1975 he joined the Fire Brigade and retired in 2007, having achived the rank of Sub-Officer, Watch Commander. After 32 years in the Fire Service reality suddenly hit and Colin found himself in need of a proper job! Colin is now in full-time employment within the NHS. At this moment in time Colin has two daughters, one step-daughter, two step-sons and a grandson called Lucas who is an avid Manchester United fan, although at the age of one he doesnt know it yet. In 1992 Colin joined the magistracy, having wandered in from the street to ask how someone becomes a beak, and left in 2005. The experience taught him the true difference between justice and the law, the former being what he would have preferred to administer.
Red Gambit was researched initially over ten years ago but work and life changes prevented it from blossoming. Now it has become five books instead of one, as more research is done and more lines of writing open themselves up. Colin writes for the pleasure it brings him and hopefully the reader. The books are not intended to be modern day 'Wuthering Heights' or 'War and Peace'. They contain a story which Colin thinks is worth the telling and to which task he set his inexperienced hand. Enjoy them all and thank you for reading

Genres: Science Fiction