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Gwyn Bennett

(Gwyn Garfield-Bennett)

Gwyn Bennett is a best-selling author of crime mystery thrillers, in particular the Harrison Lane series. She writes crime thrillers that her readers say are not just page-turners, but feature unique characters who will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.
She's always been a writer, for many years as a journalist while also writing creatively on the side, but now writes fiction full-time.
Gwyn also writes contemporary women's fiction and romantic suspense as Gwyn Garfield-Bennett.
Originally from England (but with lots of Welsh and a little Irish blood in her), Gwyn lives in the tiny Channel Island of Jersey, where her husband was born, with her family, dog, and geriatric goldfish.
If you'd like to know more about Gwyn's books and receive extra bonus content, you can join her book club at GwynGB.com You will receive updates about Gwyn's writing, plus offers and competitions. You can also follow her here on Amazon to get updated when new books are released.
 Plus, she is on Bookbub, Twitter and Instagram as @GwynGB and on Facebook as @GwynGBWriter.


Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
July 2024

Island of Graves
(Saskia Monet, book 3)
DI Claire Falle
   1. Lonely Hearts (2017)
   2. Home Help (2018)
   3. Death Bond (2022)
Dr Harrison Lane Mysteries
   1. Broken Angels (2021)
     aka Preacher Boy
   2. Beautiful Remains (2021)
     aka The Horsemen
   3. Deadly Secrets (2021)
     aka Dark Order
   4. Innocent Dead (2021)
     aka Holy Man
   5. Perfect Beauties (2021)
     aka Mermaid Rock
   6. Captive Heart (2022)
     aka Blood Stone
   7. Winter Graves (2022)
     aka Winter Fires
   8. Dark Whispers (2023)
   9. Burning Lies (2024)
Saskia Monet
   1. The Stolen Ones (2023)
   2. Secrets in the Blood (2023)
   3. Island of Graves (2024)
   Islands (2016)
   The Villagers (2019)
   404 (2022)
   Dead End (2024)

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