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(The ninth book in the Alexandra Drummond series)
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In the gripping and heart-pounding conclusion to the Alexandra Thriller Series, "Killer," Alexandra stands at the precipice of a life consumed by violence. As the relentless attacks on those closest to her continue unabated, she is faced with a never-ending onslaught that threatens to unravel her very existence.

Alexandra, weary of the never-ending cycle of violence that has defined her life, finds herself on the run from both the police and relentless security services. The looming threat of spending many years behind bars hangs heavily over her, but the adrenaline rush of her tumultuous past has a grip on her that she can't easily break.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, calls for her help reach her ears, and she faces an agonizing dilemma. How can she respond to these cries for assistance while avoiding the relentless pursuit of the authorities who seek to bring her to justice?

With no one to rely on but herself, Alexandra becomes a lone warrior, battling to escape the clutches of incarceration and the deadly groups that relentlessly hunt her down. In a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, she must muster every ounce of her strength and cunning to survive.

In "Killer," Alexandra's resilience is pushed to its limits as she races against time to protect those she holds dear and to uncover the truth behind the relentless attacks. One last, desperate push is needed, but the question remains: Can she stay alive long enough to help her friends and find redemption for the tumultuous life she has led?

Join Alexandra as she faces her most perilous challenge yet, confronting the demons of her past and the relentless pursuit of those who would see her silenced. "Killer" is a gripping and explosive thriller that will leave you breathless as Alexandra Drummond battles for her very survival and strives to untangle the web of violence that has defined her life.

Killer can be read as a standalone novel.

Genre: Mystery

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