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(The eighth book in the Alexandra Drummond series)
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In the electrifying eighth instalment of the Alexandra Drummond Thriller Series, "Rescue," Alexandra's defiance knows no bounds as she embarks on a perilous mission that could spell her doom. While she yearns for a quiet life, duty calls, shattering her world and propelling her into a deadly whirlwind of danger and intrigue.

Alexandra's attempt to find solace in a peaceful existence is abruptly interrupted by a desperate call and an urgent plea for help. She knows that she cannot turn her back on those in need, even if it means journeying to a foreign land she has never before set foot in.

But as she races against time to answer the call, the police and security services are hot on her trail. Can Alexandra stay one step ahead of the relentless pursuit of those who seek to control her actions and keep her secrets hidden?

In a land unknown to her, where trust is a rare commodity, Alexandra must navigate treacherous terrain, unsure of who she can confide in. As old enemies regroup and sinister forces close in, she begins to question whether even her most trusted allies are turning renegade.

In "Rescue," Alexandra Drummond's indomitable spirit is pitted against a world of shadows, deceit, and danger. Will she be able to rescue those in need without becoming a pawn in a deadly game? As she confronts her own inner turmoil and faces the chilling realization that the line between friend and foe is thin, Alexandra's journey unfolds in a high-stakes thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Join Alexandra as she battles against the forces of darkness in a foreign land, driven by a relentless sense of duty, and propelled by the defiance that has defined her character throughout the series. "Rescue" is a heart-pounding tale of redemption, trust, and the unyielding determination of a warrior who refuses to be silenced.

Rescue can be read as a standalone novel.

Genre: Mystery

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