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Bob Hamer spent twenty-six years as a street agent for the FBI, often in an undercover capacity posing as a drug dealer, pedophile, or contract killer in order to arrest some of the world's most hardened criminals. Now retired and having received the FBI Director's Award for Distinguished Service, Bob is a member of the Writers Guilds of America and Canada and has consulted for television shows including Law & Order: SVU and Sleeper Cell. Also a Marine Corps veteran and law school graduate, Hamer lives with his wife and children in California.

Genres: Thriller
Matt Hogan
   1. Enemies Among Us (2010)
   2. Targets Down (2011)
Jake Kruse (with Oliver North)
   1. Counterfeit Lies (2014)
   2. The Giant Awakes (2022)
Josh Stuart
   1. Detour to Justice (2016)
   2. Expendable for the Cause (2016)
   3. Blood in the Desert (2016)
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