Diana Haviland

(Florence Hersham)
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aka Diana Browning, Florence Hersham

Florence Hersham, well-known as Diana Haviland is a U.S.American writer ofmany historical romance novels and family sagas, as well as nonfiction booksand articles dealing with the occult. She algo signed a novel as DianaBrowning.

Her historical novels have been reprinted in many languages. Her novel The Passionate Pretenders appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, andwon an award from the West Coast Review of Books. Her firsthand research forher nonfiction book, Witchcraft U.S.A., provided her with some of the background material she uses in A Love Beyond Forever.

She is a Charter Member of the New York Chapter of Romance Writers of America, and a member of PASIC.

Florence Hersham and her husband, who is also a writer, live and work in offices at opposite ends of their apartment in New York City, which theyshare with their two cats. When whe is not writing, she enjoys traveling, particularly aboard cruise ships. Ms. Haviland has used the islands of the Caribbean as the setting for several of her historicals.
Non fiction
   Witchcraft U.S.A. (1998) (as by Florence Hersham)
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