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(The fifth book in the Aggressor series)
A novel by

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It is six months since the Battle of Hawaii.

The war to defend Taiwan has become World War III, and the surviving pilots of a rested and refitted Aggressor Inc. are thrown back into the fight as it moves across multiple fronts.

In the Central Pacific, sonar operator Elvis 'Ears' Bell and his Manta Ray submersible hunt a Chinese submarine 'wolf pack' preying on a vital convoy.
A Chinese hacker captured off San Luis Obispo Bay could be the key to the wolf pack's victory or defeat.

On Japanese Kunashiri Island, the crew of a single Japanese Infantry Fighting Vehicle tries to hold back an entire Russian airborne company, while marauding Russian fighters pour into the skies overhead.
Can Captain Shinji Kagawa, commander of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Destroyer, JS Haguro, buy them the time they need?

At Josan-ri in Korea, US Marine Uncrewed Ground Vehicle (UGV) platoon leader, Second Lieutenant Leroy King of Scout Team Two, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, prepares for an incursion into the DMZ.
The US has a daring plan for neutralizing the North Korean nuclear threat, but will it work?

In Tehran, Iranian President Saman Ghayedi addresses a football stadium sized-rally and threatens to 'unleash nuclear fire' on Israel and its allies. Counter-demonstrators invade the stadium and disrupt the rally - hundreds are killed.
Kurdish sniper, Daryan Al-Kobani, is stalking Ghayedi. Will the brewing civil unrest help or hinder her?

As Chinese-armed Russian forces mass on the Belorussian border with Poland, aircraft from the
HMS Queen Elizabeth storm into the Baltic to remind Russia that any fight it picks with Poland is a fight with NATO.
Fleet Air Arm Tempest Squadron Leader, Jules ‘Two-Tone’ Hamilton, knows NATO isn't bluffing. How far will Russia go to test it?

In the US, the powerful conspirators behind the Raven Rock Bombing finally step out of the shadows. US President Carmen Carliotti is suddenly facing an internal enemy that could prove fatal both to her administration, and the integrity of the USA itself.
Can she deal with the sinister new threat without tearing her nation apart, forever?

China's Northern Fleet was destroyed off Hawaii and its air force has lost control of the skies over the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. In desperation, it pulls the trigger on a devastating strike that could cripple the US ability to wage war. From Taiwan and newly captured bases across the South China Sea, the US prepares to launch its largest amphibious assault since D-Day. If it succeeds, it could trigger China's capitulation. If it fails ...
Aboard the USS Lafayette, Air Warfare Watch Officer, Lieutenant Melissa Mayeaux, formerly of the Coast Guard cutter Vigilant, is guardian of the sky over the landing force and asks herself, can the US Coalition's biggest gamble of the war really succeed?

A generous preview of the epic conclusion to the Aggressor Series will be released on the author's FXHOLDEN website for FREE this summer, and the final version in August 2024!

Genre: Thriller

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