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A long time ago, J.J. Howard was the girl way, way out in the outfield during P.E. class, hoping the ball wouldn't come anywhere near her and grumbling under her breath about better ways she could use her time...like reading, writing, watching TV or a movie --- essentially anything involving storytelling. If you were the one actually trying to catch the ball, she's really sorry. Around twenty years ago she decided to become an English teacher for a little while...and she's still teaching. Her students are pretty awesome and keep her feeling (most of the time) like she's still seventeen too. She writes YA and MG novels...when she's not grading papers, that is. Either way, she's most likely wearing headphones right now.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Series contributed to
   1. Sit, Stay, Love (2016)
   Pugs and Kisses (2018)
   Pugs in a Blanket (2019)
   The Love Pug (2019)
   Girls Just Wanna Have Pugs (2021)

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