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James Hankins write thrillers - suspense, mystery, police, supernatural. He strives to make them page-turners, the kind you can't put down until you read at least one more page. He went to N.Y.U. film school, then wrote screenplays in Hollywood for a while. After that he became a lawyer who wrote books at night. Now, he's a stay-at-home dad who writes while his kids are in school and after they go to sleep.

Genres: Mystery
   Brothers and Bones (2012)
   Drawn (2012)
   Jack of Spades (2013)
   Shady Cross (2015)
   The Prettiest One (2015)
   The Inside Dark (2017)
   A Blood Thing (2018)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Last To Die (2016)
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James Hankins recommends
The Good Twin (2018)
Marti Green
"A wonderfully clever plot, intriguing characters, and twists at every single turn—The Good Twin is better than good…it’s a great read!"

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