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Lexi Hart

❤ Lexi Hart is the naughtier version of YA author Sarah Addison-Fox. ❤

When she's not fulfilling all her wild fantasies writing unconventional romance, she's living them at home with a hot dude, who just happens to also be a kick-ass dad and husband.

Lexi loves to connect with her readers, but watch out, she steals names, so you may wind up being the inspiration for one of her stories!

Genres: Romance
   Leave Me Breathless: The Ivy Collection (2019) (with HJ Bellus, H C Bentley, Barbra Campbell, Lyssa Cole, KL Donn, DL Gallie, Heather Guimond, Sophia Henry, Natalie Hill, K L Humphreys, Sonya Jesus, C M Lally, Ashley Lane, Samantha Lind, Kim Loraine, Tamara Lush, Kiersten Modglin, Samantha Morgan, M Piper, A C Williams, Dakota Willink and Michelle Windsor)
   Leave Me Breathless: The Moonflower Collection (2020) (with Barbra Campbell, Lyssa Cole, Heather Guimond, Kiersten Modglin, Samantha Morgan, M Piper and A C Williams)