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Lisa Heathfield

Lisa always dreamed of being a writer. She wrote her first book when she was nine set in a haunted house, in the middle of a dark wood! And shed sit for hours at her typewriter, creating stories to send off to magazine competitions (none of which got close to winning, but it didnt put her off trying).She was always reading. Lying in the grass, on her bed, up a tree, there was always a book in her hand. It was only natural that she would study English at university and go on to become an English teacher in a secondary school. An early fascination with Helen Keller followed her to the classroom and she began teaching hearing-impaired children.Lisa and her husband settled in Brighton, on the south coast of England, where she concentrated on raising their three wonderful boys. After an ill-advised stint running a cafe, the need to write became too difficult to ignore. And her debut novel, Seed, was born.
YA Book Prize Best Young Adult nominee (2017) : Paper Butterflies