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Lucy Agnes Hancock

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Lucy Agnes Hancock was a well-known American romance author when she began publishing her popular Doctor/Nurse romances for Harlequin beginning in 1953. Her writing career began in the 1940s and was considered the queen of the medical romance at the time.

Genres: Romance
   Gay Pretending (1936)
   Brown Honey (1937)
   Blood of Her Ancestors (1938)
   Christmas Gift (1938)
   Nurse in White (1939)
   North Side Nurse (1940)
   Nurses Are People (1941)
   The Shorn Lamb (1941)
   Pat Whitney, RN (1942)
   Staff Nurse (1942)
   Nurse's Aide (1943)
   Community Nurse (1944)
   Student Nurse (1944)
   General Duty Nurse (1945)
   The Nurse At Whittle's (1945)
   West End Nurse (1945)
   Doctor Kim (1947)
     aka Graduate Nurse
   Resident Nurse (1947)
   Special Nurse (1948)
   Calling Nurse Blair (1951)
   Nurse Barlow (1951)
   Nurse Kathy Decides (1951)
   Village Doctor (1951)
   Student Nurse's Lover (1954)
   District Nurse (1955)
   Doctor Bill (1955)
   The Doctor's Romance (1955)
   Nurse Brooks' Sacrifice (1955)
   Meet The Warrens (1956)
   Nurse Deborah Falls in Love (1956)
   Nurse Judith's Problem (1956)
   Nurse Mary and Doctor Tim (1956)
   Dr. James Meets Nurse Sally (1957)
   The Doctor's Cinderella (1958)
   Hospital Nurse (1958)
   The Romantic Nurse (1958)
   Nurse's Aid (1982)
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