Julia Parks

Julia Parks lives in Texas with her husband, three dogs, and one cat.  In 2006, she retired from teaching after twenty-seven years to spend more time with her seven beautiful grandchildren.  When not writing, she enjoys reading, quilting, and travel.

When teaching, she spent Spring Breaks in Europe with her students.  Julia was able to visit France many times, as well as traveling to Spain, England, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy.   Always a student of human behavior, she gleaned insight from her students and her other traveling companions which has helped to enrich her characters.

She began writing when in second grade, graduating to short novels while in junior high for the entertainment of her friends and family.  In 1981, with three small children at home and teaching full time, she began writing Regencies, inspired by the works of Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and Victoria Holt.  In 1987, she sold her first novel, Scandalous Miss.  Over the next eighteen years, Julia wrote over twenty novels and novellas, all set during the enchanting setting of Regency England.

Genres: Historical Romance