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Daughter of Charlotte Lamb, Sister of Jane Holland

Sarah Holland was born on November 1961 at Folkestone, Kent, England. She is the daughter of Richard Holland, a classical biographer and ex-Times journalist and the best-selling romance novelist Sheila Holland. She has two sisters Jane Holland and Charlotte Holland, and two brothers Michael Holland and David Holland. Sarah suffered epilepsy briefly in her teens and had to leave Wanstead HighSchool, London at 16. In these time, their parents decided moved to the Isle of Man as a tax exile with four of her five children. Educated at home by her parents, who owned a private library of over 50,000 books. In 1980, she began training to write at her mother's side and when in 1982, Mills & Boon published her first books, she became one of the youngest romance novelists published. She published 22 romances from 1982 to 1998, that have been translated into many languages and have been published in over 130countries, sold many millions of copies worldwide. Now, she writes for television, newspapers and the screen.

Sarah Holland is also a professional actress and singer. At 20, she enrolled at the London E15 Acting School and embarked on an acting career which has included film, television and 4 years in leading roles in theatre. As singer, she has performed blues, jazz and pop all over London and the Isle of Man. Sarah Holland has travelled extensively and has lived in different parts of England, the Isle of Man, Holland, France, USA, Australia and Hong Kong.


Genres: Romance
   Too Hot to Handle (1982)
   Tomorrow Began Yesterday (1982)
   The Devil's Mistress (1982)
   Deadly Angel (1982)
   Fever Pitch (1983)
   Bluebeard's Bride (1985)
   Outcast Lovers (1985)
   The Heat Is On (1988)
   An Adult Love (1990)
   Forbidden Passion (1991)
   Desert Destiny (1991)
   Last of the Great French Lovers (1992)
   Ruthless Lover (1992)
   Confrontation (1992)
   Extreme Provocation (1993)
   Ungoverned Passion (1993)
   Dangerous Desire (1994)
   Blue Fire (1994)
   Master of Seduction (1995)
   An Obsessive Love (1995)
   The Dominant Male (1996)
   Red-Hot Lover (1998)
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There Will Come a Darkness (2019)
(Age of Darkness , book 1)
Katy Rose Pool
"Katy Rose Pool combines lovable characters, a gorgeously tangible world and an intricate puzzle-box plot to create a story that will pull you inexorably toward the explosive end."
Amber & Dusk (2018)
(Amber & Dusk, book 1)
Lyra Selene
"Amber & Dusk is a shimmering tapestry of language, woven through with soaring beauty and subtle menace."

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