Culver Valley Crime

A series by Sophie Hannah

Culver Valley Crime
1 Little Face (2006)
2 Hurting Distance (2007)
     aka The Truth-Teller's Lie
3 The Point of Rescue (2008)
     aka The Wrong Mother
4 The Other Half Lives (2009)
     aka The Dead Lie Down
5 A Room Swept White (2010)
     aka The Cradle in the Grave
6 Lasting Damage (2011)
     aka The Other Woman's House
7 Kind of Cruel (2012)
8 The Carrier (2013)
8.5 Pictures or it Didn't Happen (2015)
     aka The Warning
9 The Telling Error (2014)
     aka Woman with a Secret
10 The Narrow Bed (2016)
     aka The Next to Die
11 The Couple at the Table (2022)
Omnibus editions

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