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Warren Hately lives in Margaret River, Western Australia, working as a journalist and newspaper editor. He's worked as a freelance travel writer, photographer, philosopher, musician, theatre roustabout, security detail, and academic. He holds a doctorate in English and Comparative Literature for his dissertation The Discourse of Conflict, which reworked post-Foucauldian semiotics to examine the bias towards language-like models in the resolution of conflict (with the case study of the 1981 prison conflict in Northern Ireland). He also has an English with First Class Honours in post-structuralist theory and cultural studies focused on the work of French philosopher Michel Foucault.

Hately has always enjoyed languages and in a former life wanted to be a dark ages historian. He's studied French, Irish and Scots Gaelic, German and Icelandic and travelled based on those interests. Lifelong study includes psychoanalysis and cultural semiotics, and he practises meditation and cathartic breathwork. During the years he has also released music, including the album Indomitus, with death/black metal bands Sámain and The Silver Twilight. His ongoing doom metal project Daybreak can be found on Facebook. Daybreak's debut album Philosophia I is now available from Bandcamp.

Hately helped pioneer collaborative online fiction in the late 90s and has worked as a screenwriter. Today he publishes books, most notably his semi-popular Zephyr series, which details the unreliably-narrated adventures of a postmodern superhero, inspired by a very old Superworld RPG campaign set in the world of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho. Zephyr is published in seven volumes and counting. Hately has other novels for sale and non-fiction works in the pipeline. In his spare time he tweets prolifically and is/was/hopes to work on a noir thriller graphic novel set in 1970s South Armagh called Black Irish.
   1. Zephyr I (2013)
   2. Zephyr II (2013)
   3. Zephyr III (2013)
   4. Zephyr IV (2013)
   5. Zephyr V (2014)
   6. Zephyr VI (2015)
   7. Zephyr VII (2017)
   8. Zephyr VIII (2018)
   The Good Fight 4: Homefront (2018) (with Nicholas Ahlhelm, Stephen T Brophy, Samantha Bryant, Frank Byrns, Shielding Cournoyer, Adrienne Dellwo, Duo Ji Zhuo Ga, Ian Thomas Healy, T Mike McCurley, Christofer Nigro, Palladian, Scott A Story and Jim Zoetewey)