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Paul Gitsham started his career as a biologist, working in such exotic locales as Manchester and Toronto. After stints as the world's most over-qualified receptionist and a spell making sure that international terrorists and other ne'er do wells hadn't opened a Junior Savings Account at a major UK bank (a job even less exciting than being a receptionist) he retrained as a Science Teacher. He now spends his time passing on his bad habits and sloppy lab-skills to the next generation of enquiring minds.

Paul has always wanted to be a writer and his final report on leaving primary school predicted he'd be the next Roald Dahl! For the sake of balance it should be pointed out that it also said "he'll never get anywhere in life if his handwriting doesn't improve". Twenty five years later and his handwriting is worse than ever but millions of children around the world love him.*

Genres: Mystery
DCI Warren Jones
   1. The Last Straw (2014)
   2. No Smoke Without Fire (2014)
   2.5. Blood is Thicker Than Water (2015)
   3. Silent as the Grave (2015)
   3.5. A Case Gone Cold (2018)
   4. The Common Enemy (2018)
   4.5. A Deadly Lesson (2019)
   5. Forgive Me Father (2019)
   5.5. At First Glance (2020)
   6. A Price to Pay (2020)
   7. Out of Sight (2021)
   8. Time to Kill (2022)
   9. Web of Lies (2023)
Paul Gitsham recommends
Where Ravens Roost (2021)
(Detective Kjeld Nygaard, book 1)
Karin Nordin
"If this is how the series starts, I can’t wait to read whatever comes next."
The Blameless Dead (2019)
Gary Haynes
"Few writers are as comfortable amongst the mud and ashes of 1945 as they are in the digital world of today, but Haynes pulls it off expertly."

Books containing stories by Paul Gitsham
Music of the Night (2022)
(Crime Writer's Association Anthology)
edited by
Martin Edwards
Mystery Tour (2017)
(Crime Writer's Association Anthology)
edited by
Martin Edwards

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