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Wendy K Harris was born in Surrey in an air raid shelter during a doodlebug attack. The youngest of four sisters, attending a girls' grammar school, she needed to write in order to get a word in edgeways. The writing of short stories and poetry was interwoven with working as a nurse, homeopath, counsellor, interfaith minister and sharing the upbringing of five children.A rattling old Herefordshire rectory and aching back precipitated a change of life and she moved with her husband and a laptop into a caravan and trundled around Wales and England, finally becoming ensnared by the Undercliff of the Isle of Wight, entranced by its history of smuggling, shipwrecking and landslips. Here she was inspired by tumbling cliffs and precarious cottages to write The Sorrow of Sisters, Blue Slipper Bay and Rocken Edge.