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Harris was born in Cardiff, but from the age of five she went to live with her grandparents and grew up in an isolated cottage in the Dorset countryside. As a result of being very lonely only child she had plenty of time to read and also to dream up stories which she told to her imaginary friends.After leaving Gillingham Grammar School, she went back to Cardiff and worked as a clerk in the City Hall. It was here that she met and married a Grenadier Guardsman. She moved from Cardiff to his home on Merseyside and grew to know the Wallasey and Liverpool area.Her writing career started as a freelance writer, writing for the Liverpool Echo and national magazines on fashion, homemaking and health topics under the by-line Marion Harris. Her first novel was published in 1975, followed by eight others all under the name Marion Harris. Additionally, she has written about twenty non-fiction books all under different pseudonyms.Ten years later, and with three children, Harris and her family moved to Buckinghamshire where she has lived ever since. Her children have all made their homes in the area and she now has six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Genres: Sagas, Historical Romance, Romance
Liverpool Sagas
   Turn of the Tide (2002)
   Patsy of Paradise Place (2002)
   Looking for Love (2003)
   Winnie of the Waterfront (2004)
   The Cobbler's Kids (2005)
   Megan of Merseyside (2006)
   A Mother's Love (2006)
   Waiting for Love (2007)
   A Dream of Love (2008)
   Love Changes Everything (2009)
   Whispers of Love (2010)
   The Price of Love (2011)
   Love or Duty (2014)
   Troubled Waters (2002)
   One Step Forward (2003)
   Pins and Needles (2004)
   At Sixes and Sevens (2005)
   Sunshine and Showers (2005)
   The Power of Dreams (2006)
   Sing for Your Supper (2007)
   Love Against All Odds (2007)
   A Love Like Ours (2008)
   The Quality of Love (2009)
   Ambitious Love (2010)
   A Brighter Dawn (2011)
   Hell Hath No Fury (2013)
   Stolen Moments (2013)
   Guarded Passions (2014)
   Moving on (2015)
   The Mixture As Before (2015)
   Heartbreak and Happiness (2016)
   Chance Encounters (2016)
   Only Love Can Heal (2017)
   Never Too Old for Love (2018)
   A Mind of Her Own (2018)

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