Stan Jones

USA flag (b.1947)

Stan Jones was born in Anchorage, Alaska. But her parents were from Tennessee and moved back there when he was about two.So he spent his boyhood through age twelve on a farm near the Tennessee-Mississippi border.
He actually shot squirrels with a .22, picked cotton, rode bareback on a giant plow horse named Bob, and raised a heifer that he entered in the county fair! He lives in Anchorage and is married to Susan Jones, an epidemiologist, and has two children, both adults.
Other than his family and the Arctic, his personal passion in life is photography, particularly photography of the North.
He's a wildly eclectic reader, but some of his favorite authors who write, or wrote, about the North are Charlie Brower, Hudson Stuck, Edgar Keithahn, Paul Green, Chester Seveck, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Edwin Hall, Ernest Burch, and Claire Fejes (who was also a wonderful painter of Eskimo life in Northwest Alaska).

Genres: Mystery
Nathan Active Mysteries
   1. White Sky, Black Ice (1999)
   2. Shaman Pass (2003)
   3. Frozen Sun (2008)
   4. Village of the Ghost Bears (2009)
   5. Tundra Kill (2016)
   6. The Big Empty (2018) (with Patricia Watts)