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Alexa Kang is an author of WWII and 20th century historical fiction. Her works include the novel series "Rose of Anzio", a love story saga that begins in 1940 Chicago and continues on to the historic Battle of Anzio in Italy; and the "Shanghai Story" trilogy, which chronicles the events in Shanghai leading up to WWII and the history of Jews and Jewish refugees in China. Her other works include the WWII/1980s time-travel love story "Eternal Flame" (a tribute to John Hughes), as well as various short stories, including those in the fiction anthologies "The Darkest Hour" (a USA Today Bestseller"), "Pearl Harbor and More: Stories of December 1942", and "Christmas in Love."

Alexa grew up in New York City and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She has traveled to more than 150 cities, and she loves to explore new places and different cultures. She loves writing larger-than-life love stories and 20th century historical fiction, and hopes to bring you many more.
   Pearl Harbor and More (2017) (with Dianne Ascroft, Vanessa Couchman, R V Doon, Robyn Echols, Robyn Hobusch Echols, Robert A Kingsley, Robert Kingsley, Marion Kummerow and Margaret Tanner)
   The Darkest Hour (2018) (with Ryan Armstrong, Mary D Brooks, Kathryn Gauci, Jean Grainger, Roberta Kagan, Marion Kummerow, John R McKay, Ellie Midwood and Deborah Swift)
   Wartime Christmas Tales (2020) (with Dianne Ascroft, Mary D Brooks, Anne Clare, Eileen Joyce Donovan, Chris Glatte, Paula Harmon, Sowards A L, Eilidh McGinness, Genevieve Montcombroux, J L Oakley, Jennifer Pittam and Margaret Tanner)