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Bastian Knight has been reading longer than he can remember. He's been a gamer for almost as long. When he happened upon his first Gamelit and Haremlit novels, he was hooked.
As Bastian read more stories and enjoyed the entertaining and enthralling worlds their authors wrote, he began to create his own. Soon, he started putting words down and was astounded to find he enjoyed it. Now he is eager to share some of those stories with others.


Genres: HaremLit
Dungeon Bound
   1. Dungeon Bound 1 (2019)
   2. Dungeon Bound 2 (2020)
   3. Dungeon Bound 3 (2021)
   4. Dungeon Bound 4 (2023)
   5. Dungeon Bound 5 (2023)

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