Shawn Keys

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Throughout his life, He's have always been struck with the diversity of female beauty. The idea of having a "type" never occurred to him. When it came to writing romantic literature, He used this love of the fairer sex in all its forms to weave romance and sex into what He hoped are fun plotlines, interesting mysteries and exciting new worlds.

If you wonder why He uses certain expressions, his Canadian heritage is probably to blame.

He has travelled extensively, and tends to use the places He's been as the setting for modern stories or as inspiration for the other places He creates.

He adores books. In a very close second place, and adores movies. (There is a reason his first book is about  prhisotagonist finding love with a movie star!)

He hopes you all enjoy reading as much as He has writing.

Genres: HaremLit
New and upcoming books
March 2024

Rolling Stones
(Rolling Stones, book 1)
   Dukes of Harem (2021) (with others)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Feast of the Chosen (2020)

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