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Christian Kallias

Aided by an abundance of Sci-Fi characters with supernatural powers, Bestselling Sci-Fi author Christian Kallias has a secret. He lives two lives. One in the real world and one inside his own creations, in worlds where he can lay down the foundation of his universes for both his and your enjoyment. Guess which world he prefers?

Christian Kallias is the bestselling author of the award-winning Universe in Flames Space Opera series.

Genres: GameLit, Science Fiction
   Beyond The Black: Volume One (2018) (with R L Blalock, PP Corcoran, Amy DuBoff, J J Green, John Gunningham, Jeffery H Haskell, Jacob S Nardi, Stefan M Nardi, Rick Partlow, D M Pruden, Robert Scanlon, Dean F Wilson, Sarah K L Wilson and Jonathan Yanez)
Series contributed to
Pew! Pew! (with S E Anderson, M D Cooper, Drew Cordell, Zen DiPietro, Andrew Gates, L A Johnson, Andrew Lawston, Richard Parry and Christopher J Valin)
   4. Bad versus Worse (2017)
Anthologies edited
   Collateral Damage (2017) (with Michael David Anderson, Steve Beaulieu, J D Brink, Jeremy Flagg, Jon Frater, Michelle Garza, Ed Gosney, Chris Kallias, Melissa Lason, John Lymington, A J McWain, Scott Moon, David Neth and Will Swardstrom)