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Mage's Path: Books 1-3

(A book in the Mage's Path series)
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The complete 3 book series of Mage's Path available in one edition

One young man's journey to master the art of magic...

Book 1Jack wants nothing more than to be a mage. He trains by himself every day, cultivating mana and focusing on building his internal magic. All with the hope of one day joining a mage guild.

Except one day, Jack encounters a strange object in the forest. It is the heart of a dungeon. Somehow, he absorbs the dungeon's heart into his body.

Before he knows what to do, he encounters a peculiar man by the name of Lachlan Woe. He is a mage of great power, he says, and he is in need of an apprentice.

So, Jack ventures to the Shadow Tower, which Lachlan Woe calls his home. There, Jack will begin his studies and train to become a mage.

It soon becomes clear that Jack's powers are not those of regular mages. After absorbing the dungeon heart, his potential seems boundless, and even his mysterious mentor is in awe. Even so, Jack must work hard to learn exactly what his limits are, if there are indeed any limits at all to his magic.

All the while, Jack will explore the Shadow Tower, meet its bizarre inhabitants, and discover the secret origin of the tower and its master...

Join Jack as he embarks on the Path of the Mage and digs deeper into the mystery of Lachlan Woe and the Shadow Tower.

Book 2

Jack always wanted to wield magic. His dreams were fulfilled when he absorbed a dungeon core and became a living, walking dungeon.

After a battle with the core of the warlock's tower, Jack and Melinda turn their attention to growing stronger. With the warlock Lachlan Woe to teach them, and the support of Ivan the goblin butler, it seems their path could only go upward.

When rumors of hunters reach their ears, their lives take a turn. These hunters could prove the breaking of Jack and his friends. Thankfully, Jack is a walking dungeon, and there are other dungeons in the outside world with whom he shares a bond.

If these dungeons could be awakened...

Join Jack and the occupants of the warlock's tower for a second adventure that promises to rival their first.

Book 3

Jack has promised to free Azhoth the aether god from captivity, and to do so he must awaken the dungeons of the Noonlands. The power of Nightvale is turned against him, and Jack must defeat the Devourer of Dungeons.

His quest to free the world from the clutches of the evil mages of Nightvale will take him and his companions down a dark path, to come to the ultimate expression of their power, and the very source of magic itself…

Genre: GameLit

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