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"A thriller, driving right through this life and into the next, Incarnate wraps past and present into a ride that had me from page 1. Incarnate is a take on reincarnation that's both wholly original and deeply terrifying!" - Josh Conviser, author of Echelon
Two men, born decades apart, are caught up in a complex web of reincarnation and murder. Chicagoan Vic learns his fiancee is being stalked - just as his last wife was, before she was killed. And Los Angeleno Guy begins having dreams of a 19th century murder in Ireland - dreams he's convinced are from his own past life - in which he was the killer.
Guy also learns he has a brain tumor, which his doctors tell him is the cause of these delusions. But he believes the tumor is the karmic result of his past-life murders, and if he can only find out what it was he did back then, and to whom, he can atone - and maybe the tumor will go away.
What ensues are the parallel stories of these two men - Guy hunting down clues to his past life in an old Irish manor, where a young bride is living with a man whose ancient family portraits look strikingly like the murderer in Guy's dreams; and Vic, trying to catch the man who's stalking his fiancee before she gets killed, like his first wife.
How these seemingly unrelated dramas connect leads to the shocking surprise that turns everything on its head - and may stop a series of murders, if those involved can just unravel the true meaning of the dreams, and the reincarnative labyrinth that binds them all.
"Incarnate is a mesmerizing journey across oceans and lifetimes exploring the most heinous crimes of the heart and that even greater mystery of who we are. It is a kaleidoscope of clever storytelling, an amazingly addictive novel that refuses to be put aside." - Monte Schulz, author of Naughty and The Big Town
"I haven't seen twists like this in a reincarnation thriller before. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, and the payoffs were both dark and unexpected." - Marc Scott Zicree, author of The Twilight Zone Companion

Genre: Mystery

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