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JESSICA FRANCIS KANE is the author of The Report (Graywolf, 2010), a finalist for the 2010 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize from the Center for Fiction and a Barnes & Noble "Discover" pick. She is also the author of the story collection Bending Heaven (Counterpoint, 2002), which was published in the US and the UK. Her stories have been broadcast on BBC radio and have appeared in many publications, including Granta, Virginia Quarterly Review, McSweeneys, The Missouri Review, and Michigan Quarterly Review. Her essays and humor pieces have appeared in Salon, McSweeneys Internet Tendency and The Morning News, where she is a contributing writer. She lives in New York with her husband and their two children.

   The Report (2010)
   Rules for Visiting (2019)
   Bending Heaven (2002)
   This Close (2013)
Novellas and Short Stories
   American Lawn (2012)
   Double Take & Night Class (2013)
   The Essentials of Acceleration (2013)
   Evidence of Old Repairs (2013)
   Lesson & First Sale (2013)
   Local Birds (2013)
   Lucky Boy (2013)
   Next in Line (2013)
   The Old Beginning (2013)
Award nominations
2020 Wodehouse Prize (nominee) : Rules for Visiting

Jessica Francis Kane recommends
Loneliness & Company (2024)
Charlee Dyroff
"It's such a great premise: a future in which loneliness has allegedly been eradicated. I was hooked from the start, and marveled at the poignancy of watching Lee relearn the basics of friendship for the sake of an AI program. Honestly, it felt like where we might all end up if we continue to let social media dominate our lives. Dyroff's brilliant story will make you want to hold all your-real-friends closer."
Hestia Strikes a Match (2023)
Christine Grillo
"Astonishing. Intense. Funny. Smart. There are so many things to root for here. Will America win? Will Hestia ?nd her match? Will the dear members of Hestia's community survive? Hestia Strikes a Match is the novel I didn't know I needed. I loved it."
Search (2022)
Michelle Huneven
"The committee at the heart of Huneven's wonderful Search is a portrait of a community working toward that most elusive of goals--a unanimous decision. The alliances and betrayals along the way reveal that even when a group of people share a common passion, the path to consensus can be tortuous. Fortunately, in Huneven's masterful prose it is also insightful, revealing, and very funny."

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