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Trial By Blood

(The eighth book in the Nightshade Guild: The Trials of the Guild series)
A novel by

The Nightshade Guild Chapter Four... The Trials of the Guild

When you're the most powerful mages on Earth, who do you answer to?

The Nightshade mages saved the day but not without consequence. Back in their correct time, they found the ripple effect of messing with time is greater than expected. Now they'll have to endure a set of trials to prove they are still worthy of being a member of the Guild.

There are eleven books in this series, one releasing each month. The recommended reading order is:

Trial in Patience by Mandy Rosko
Trial in Darkness by Renee Hewett
Trial by Betrayal by Jennifer Wedmore
Trial by Reflection by Cherron Riser
Trial by Repentance by Sheri Lyn
Trial by Paradox by Landra Graf
Trial by Deception by Jennifer Laslie
Trial by Blood by Jodi Kendrick
Trial by Riptide by Louisa Bacio
Trial by Viridity by Cora Ward
Trial by Heartbreak by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Each year is a new chapter for the Guild. Check out the previous years for more stories:

Chapter One: Guarding Ameria

Amaria Dormaris, the ten-month-old elven Princess, has been orphaned. While the council hunts her parents’ killer, the Nightshade Guild mages have been tasked with hiding the princess and keeping her safe.

Mated to a Mage by Cassidy K. O’Connor
Mage you Blink by Gracen Miller
Mage You Look by Abigail Kade
Shadow Mage by Lia Davis
Mage Crafted by Cherron Riser
Mage of Misfortune by Lily Winter
Mage in Hell by Sheri Lyn
Sunny Mage by Renee Hewett
Half-Blood Mage by Landra Graf
Sea Mage by Louisa Bacio
You Mage Me by Jennifer Wedmore
Midwinter Mage by Kerry Adrienne

Chapter Two: The Year the Magic Went Away

All twelve mages of the Nightshade Guild have lost their powers! Read each of their stories to find out how they get their powers back and be sure not to miss the final book of the year, when the mages come together to defeat whoever is behind it all!

Magic Mishap by Lily Winter
Magic Confined by Mandy Rosko
Magic Clouded by Renee Hewett
Magic Mayhem by Louisa Bacio
Magic Mourning by Cherron Riser
Magic Flawed by Jennifer Wedmore
Magic Deadfall by Gracen Miller
Magic Exposed by Lia Davis
Magic Reflected by Sheri Lyn
Magic Masque by Kerry Adrienne
Magic Malfunction by Abigail Kade
Magic Burned by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Chapter Three:

Each of the Nightshade Guild mages has been sent backward or forward in time! Read each mage’s book to find out how they’re able to return to Ameria and set things right.

Rocking Time by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne
Defying Time by Mandy Rosko
Illuminating Time by Renee Hewett
Dueling Time by Sheri Lyn
Darkest Time by Cherron Riser
Losing Time by Jennifer Wedmore
Time After Time by Louisa Bacio
Swing Time by Cassidy K. O’Connor
Time Maverick by Gracen Miller
Crucible Time by Landra Graf
Restoring Time by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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