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KATHARINE KINCAID is the author of twenty-two historical romance novels and four novellas. Her books have been translated into multiple languages and sold around the world, including such far-flung locations as Russia and China.

A longtime Ohio resident, she now calls Hawaii home and enjoys spending time with children, grandchildren and her first great grandchild. Horses have been a lifelong passion. For her first eBooks, Katharine is showcasing her titles set around the history of different horse breeds. Her first five eBooks are PAINTED HORSE, RIDE THE WIND, RACE THE DAWN, WINDSONG and MASTER OF HORSES.

Katharine currently is owned and managed by a beautiful, much-spoiled Friesian horse who doesn't yet have his own book but is working on it.

Genres: Historical Romance
   Crimson Desire (1983)
   Crimson Embrace (1984)
   Defiant Vixen (1987)
   Violet Smoke (1988)
   Ruby Orchid (1988)
   Sea Flame (1989)
   Nebraska Embrace (1989)
   Wildly My Love (1990)
   Stormswept (1991)
   Tropical Captive (1991)
   Midnight Treasure (1992)
   Promise Me Heaven (1993)
   Beloved Bondage (1993)
   Windsong (1994)
   Ride the Wind (1995)
   Wildwood (1996)
   Race the Dawn (1997)
   Painted Horse (1998)
   Master of Horses (1999)
   Sweet Mercy (1999)
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