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Larry Karp practiced perinatal medicine and wrote general nonfiction before turning his back on medical work to write mystery novels full-time. The backgrounds and settings of Larry's mysteries reflect many of his interests, including musical antiques, medical-ethical issues, and ragtime music. His current book, The King of Ragtime, the second work in a ragtime mystery trilogy, centers on a real-life dispute between Scott Joplin and Irving Berlin over the alleged theft of a piece of music.

Genres: Romance
Dr. Thomas Purdue Mystery
1. Scamming the Birdman (2000)
2. The Midnight Special (2001)
Ragtime Mystery Trilogy
1. The Ragtime Kid (2006)
2. The King of Ragtime (2008)
3. The Ragtime Fool (2010)
4. The RagTime Traveler (2017) (with Casey Karp)
Detective Baumgartner Mystery
1. A Perilous Conception (2011)