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B Lustig

A pseudonym used by Billie Lustig

Billie Lustig is a Dutch girl who has always had a thing with words: either she couldn’t shut up, or she was writing an adventure stuck in her head. She’s pretty straightforward, can be a pain in the ass & is allergic to bullshit, but most of all, she’s a sucker for love. She is happily married to her own alpha male who taught her the truest thing about love: when it’s real, you can’t walk away.
She created B. Lustig for her contemporary romance that is fun, flirty and hits you in all the feels, while her books published through Billie Lustig are darker romance coming with a trigger warning.
Check out www.billielustig.com for more info, slide into her DM's or fill in her contact form, but either way Billie is always happy to connect with readers!


Genres: Romance
New and upcoming books
March 2024

Always You
(Always & Forever , book 1)
March 2024

Forbidden You
(Always & Forever , book 3)
March 2024

Never You
(Always & Forever , book 2)
August 2024

Forgive You
(Always & Forever , book 4)
   1. 8 (2021)
   2. 9 (2022)
   3. Five (2022)
Always & Forever
   1. Always You (2024)
   2. Never You (2024)
   3. Forbidden You (2024)
   4. Forgive You (2024)
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