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Sara Shepard

USA flag (b.1978)

Sara Shepard graduated from New York University and has an MFA from Brooklyn College. She currently lives in Pittsburgh PA, with her husband and kids. Sara's Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia's Main Line.

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Young Adult Fiction, Mystery
Sara Shepard recommends
Polly (2007)
Amy Bryant
"The book rocked. The language was spare yet precise, nasty yet sweet, and it left me hyped up and hungry for more-- sort of like a perfect one-minute and thirty-second hardcore song. I groaned with Polly through every misspelled love note, winced with her through every fumbled sexual encounter on scratchy blankets, and cheered her on through her bumbling, sometimes clownish, but often dangerous cast of boys. It was a real pleasure to fact, I sort of wish there was a Polly Part II or Polly: The Other Random Boys Who Weren't Important Enough to Put In This Book, because I didn't quite get my fill! In any case, I totally envy Amy Bryant for so beautifully and effortlessly capturing what it means to be young and different and sensitive-- I feel like so few writers can really pull it off. I cannot wait what she has in store for us next."
Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) (2011)
Sarah Mlynowski
"I flew through this novel and wished it didn't end."
Famous in Love (2014)
(Famous in Love, book 1)
Rebecca Serle
"A deliciously romantic thrill ride."
The Outliers (2016)
(Outliers , book 1)
Kimberly McCreight
"A spellbinding thriller that keeps you guessing until the very last page."
You Don't Know My Name (2017)
(Black Angel Chronicles, book 1)
Kristen Orlando
"Kristen Orlando has created a kickass character-literally!-I was won over instantly."
Lies You Never Told Me (2018)
Jennifer Donaldson
"A compulsive page-turner with a shocking twist--get ready to stay up all night!"
This Is Not the Jess Show (2021)
Anna Carey
"Nostalgic, romantic, thrilling, and with an exciting twist, I devoured This Is Not The Jess Show and didn't want it to end!"
Too Good to Be True (2021)
Carola Lovering
"I raced through Too Good To Be True, desperate to see what new twist was coming next. Gripping, tantalizing, and perfectly paced, Carola Lovering somehow makes duplicity sexy––and even understandable. Get ready for a wild, seductive ride."

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