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Gordon Landsborough

(Gordon Holmes Landsborough)
UK flag (1913 - 1983)

aka Mike M'Cracken

Gordon Holmes Landsborough, English publisher, author and bookseller, was in the forefront of change in the paperback publishing and bookselling industries in England during the 1950s to 1980s. Considered a "maverick publishing genius", he was noted for his phenomenal drive and energy, his innovative business ideas and also for his prolific output as an author.

Genres: Mystery
   Brand of the Big L (1952) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   The Man All America Hated (1952) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   Protection Agent (1953) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   Red Man's Mesa (1953) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   The Spahis (1953) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   Apache Manhunt (1954) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   The Bandaged Riders (1954) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   On to Virginia City (1954) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   Union Soldier (1954) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   Storm Apache (1955) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   The Bold and the Brave (1956)
   Storm Centre (1956)
   Battery from Hellfire (1958)
     aka Desert Fury
   Tobruk Commando (1958)
   Patrol to Benghazi (1959)
   The Violent People (1960)
   Long Run to Tobruk (1975)
   The Bounty Man (2003) (as by Mike M'Cracken)
   Stampede County (2003)
   Secret of the Cannon (2003)
   Railroad Saboteurs (2004)
   Battle At Broken Knee (2004)
   Tombstone's Goldmine (2005)
   Federal Agent (2009)
   Call in the Feds! (2009)
   F.B.I. Special Agent (2009)
   Death Smells of Cordite (2010)
   F.B.I. Showdown (2010)
   Make it Nylons (2010)
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