Ingrid Lee

Canada (b.1948)

Ingrid grew up in East York, and then moved to a northern Toronto suburb. As a young girl, she was very quiet, and she loved to read. She wanted to be like her hero, Madame Curie, so she studied very hard when she wasn't reading.

When she grew up, Ingrid became a teacher. She taught classes and designed curriculum plans for the Board of Education. While she wrote lesson plans and watched her own children grow up, she started writing fiction based on her family and life experiences. Now, her ideas pop upon her suddenly, and she has to scramble "to find a pencil before the ideas evaporate." Ingrid prefers to write about life as it is, nothing perfect but everything unique and special.

Ingrid writes whenever she has a spare moment and lives with her family in Toronto, Canada.
   Dog Lost (2008)
   Dustbin Cat (2010)
   Thief Girl (2011)
   Cat Found (2011)
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