Jane Lester

Genres: Romance
   The Doctor's Sister (1964)
   Nurse in the East (1964)
   Hospital in the Valley (1965)
   Irish Doctor (1966)
   Love Is the Jewel (1966)
   A Gift for Dr Gaskin (1967)
   Romance at Redways (1967)
   Doctor Brent's Broken Journey (1968)
   The Voice of Nurse Vicky (1968)
   Nurse Rita's Request (1969)
   Holiday Doctor (1970)
   Nurse at High Hedges (1970)
   Wyndham's Wife (1972)
   Matron's Niece (1973)
   The Cousins (1974)
   Golden Butterfly (1976)
   The Reluctant Heart (1977)
   Sister Marsh's Secret (1978)
   Legacy for Lorna (1979)
   Love's Golden Touch (1981)
   The House at Cheltonwood (1983)
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