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Jay Leibold, Writer, Designer, has been writing interactive stories and games for 14 years. In recent years he has written interactive scripts for IBM (3D Castle Creator, 1998) and Theatrix Interactive (StrategyHeads, 1997), among others. He started by writing 16 books for one of the bestselling children's books series of the 1980s, Choose Your Own Adventure. He has written 12 other children's books, including science-based titles such as Dolphin Language and King Tut's Tomb; he also co-wrote skater Michelle Kwan's autobiography, Heart of a Champion. He grew up in Denver, Colorado.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Series contributed to
Choose Your Own Adventure
   38. Sabotage (1984)
   43. Grand Canyon Odyssey (1985)
   48. Spy for George Washington (1985)
   57. The Antimatter Formula (1986)
   66. The Secret of the Ninja (1987) (with R A Montgomery)
   73. Beyond the Great Wall (1987)
   92. Return of the Ninja (1989)
   98. You Are a Millionaire (1990) (with R A Montgomery)
   99. Revenge of the Russion Ghost (1990)
   107. Fight for Freedom (1990)
   113. The Lost Ninja (1991)
   117. The Search for Aladdin's Lamp (1991)
   130. You Are Microscopic (1992)
   131. Surf Monkeys (1992)
   155. Ninja Cyborg (1994)
   179. Ninja Avenger (1997)

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