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R A Montgomery

(Raymond A Montgomery)

R.A. Montgomery is an avid adventurer, first and foremost. Whether in the mountains, or on the sea, or in explorations of the mind, he has found adventure in every aspect of his life. Teaching school, working in the administration of a top university, hiking in the Himalayas, or working in the Peace Corps in Africa, Montgomery has taken making choices seriously. Montgomery says, "There is never a day in which you are not confronted with choice. Some seemingly small choices can determine the path of the rest of your life. CYOA gave me a vehicle for examining all the impacts of choice."

He was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1936. One of his first memories is sitting in his high chair and being frightened of Jell-O, which he thought was alive. He attended Hopkins Grammar School, the oldest private school in the country (founded in 1660), and Williston Academy. He got his college degree from Williams in 1958, and did graduate school at Yale and NYU.

Choose Your Own Adventure® books reflect his diverse interests and values. Montgomery states, "More than anything else, everyone should have the freedom to express themselves. Second to that, everyone should take risks and be willing to fail. Picking yourself up off the mat is the central business of life."

Today R.A. Montgomery lives in north central Vermont, where he is CEO of the small publishing house that has re-introduced the CYOA series. He travels frequently to Asia and Europe. Although his technical climbing days are kaput.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy
Series contributed to
Choose Your Own Adventure
1. The Abominable Snowman (1982)
2. Journey Under the Sea (1979)
3. Space and Beyond (1979)
4. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (1981)
     aka The Lost Jewels of Nafouti
5. Mystery of the Maya (1981)
6. House of Danger (1982)
7. The Race Forever (1983)
8. Escape (1983)
9. Lost on the Amazon (1983)
10. Prisoner of the Ant People (1983)
11. Trouble on Planet Earth (1984)
12. War With the Evil Power Master (1984)
15. Beyond Escape (1986)
17. The Brilliant Dr. Wogan (1987)
18. Return to Atlantis (1988)
19. Forecast From Stonehenge (2007)
22. Tattoo of Death (1995)
23. Silver Wings (1992)
27. Project UFO (1993)
28. Island of Time (2008)
29. Smoke Jumpers (1991)
30. Chinese Dragons (1990)
31. Track Star! (2009)
33. Blood on the Handle (1989)
34. Zombie Penpal (2010)
36. Punishment: Earth (2010)
40. The Trail of Lost Time (2011)
66. The Secret of the Ninja (1987) (with Jay Leibold)
76. The Mona Lisa Is Missing! (1988)
78. Journey to Atlantis (2012)
83. Track of the Bear (1988)
87. Exiled to Earth (1988)
90. Mutiny in Space (1989)
96. Stock Car Champion (1989)
98. You Are a Millionaire (1990) (with Jay Leibold)
103. Grave Robbers (1990)
105. The Treasure of the Onyx Dragon (1990) (with Alison Gilligan)
115. The Island of Nevermore (1991)
117. The Search for Aladdin's Lamp (1991)
121. Behind the Wheel (1992)
125. Outlaw Gulch (1992)
129. Earthquake! (1992)
139. Motocross Mania (1993)
145. Everest Adventure (1994)
153. Last Run (1994)
157. U.N. Adventure (1995)
161. Possessed! (1995)
165. Snowboard Racer (1995)
167. Moon Quest (1996)
169. Terror on the Titanic (1996)
171. Death in the Dorm (1996)
173. The Gold Medal Secret (1996) (with Doug Wilhelm)
177. Killer Virus (1997)
Choose Your Own Adventure : Volume 1 (omnibus) (2006)
Choose Your Own Adventure : Volume 2 (omnibus) (2006)
Return to Dorado (2013)
Task Force: U.N. (2013)
Magick Box (omnibus) (2018) (with Deborah Lerme Goodman)
Whole Enchilada (omnibus) (2018)
The Whole Dragonlark Enchilada (omnibus) (2019)
Creature Feature Box (omnibus) (2019) (with Jay Leibold)
Ninja Box (omnibus) (2019) (with Jay Leibold)
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