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(James Charles Lehrer)
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James Charles Lehrer is an American journalist. He is the news anchor for PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (still mistakenly called the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour by longtime viewers) on PBS. Lehrer is also an acclaimed author, writing both non-fiction and fiction which draws on his life experiences and his interests in history and politics. He has also served as mediator for several U.S. Presidential debates, most recently in the 2000 election year between George W. Bush and then-Vice-President Al Gore.

Genres: Historical
One-eyed Mack
   1. Kick the Can (1988)
   2. Crown Oklahoma (1989)
   3. The Sooner Spy (1990)
   4. Lost and Found (1991)
   5. Short List (1992)
   6. Fine Lines (1994)
   7. Mack to the Rescue (2008)
   Blue Hearts (1993)
   The Last Debate (1995)
   White Widow (1997)
   Purple Dots (1998)
   The Special Prisoner (2000)
   No Certain Rest (2002)
   Flying Crows (2004)
   The Franklin Affair (2005)
   The Phony Marine (2006)
   Eureka (2007)
   Oh, Johnny (2009)
   Super (2010)
   Top Down (2013)
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Jim Lehrer recommends
Harbor of Spies (2018)
Robin Lloyd
"Harbor of Spies is that rare novel with the perfect mix of the magics. There is intrigue and romance combined with history and mystery set in a real time and place--colonial Cuba during the U.S. Civil War. The end result is a page-turning excursion through dangers and delights that will both entertain and enlighten. Enjoy!"

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