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Lawrence Lariar

USA flag (1908 - 1981)

aka Marston la France, Adam Knight, Michael Lawrence, Michael Stark

Lawrence Lariar was an American novelist, cartoonist and cartoon editor, known for his Best Cartoons of the Year series of cartoon collections. He wrote crime novels, sometimes using the pseudonyms Michael Stark, Adam Knight and Marston la France.

Genres: Mystery
   Run For Your Life (1946) (as by Michael Stark)
     aka Kill-Box
   Friday for Death (1949)
   The Day I Died (1952)
   Miami Murder-go-round (1952) (as by Marston la France)
   The Sunburned Corpse (1952) (as by Adam Knight)
   You Can't Catch Me (1952)
   Kiss And Kill (1953) (as by Adam Knight)
   Win, Place, and Die! (1953)
   I'll Kill You Next (1954) (as by Adam Knight)
   Death is Confidential (1959)
   Triple Slay (1959) (as by Adam Knight)
   Lady Chatterley's Daughter (1960)
   The Corpse in the Cabana (2019)
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