Sarita Leone

Sarita Leone lives in a remote area of upstate New York with her wonderful husband Vito. Their days are filled with laughter and their nights are spent dancing beneath the stars. When she's not writing, Sarita enjoys hiking, boating, reading and drawing. For as long as she can remember Sarita Leone wanted to be an author. In fact, when she signed her first book contract she shared the news with her closest childhood friend. Her friend wasn't at all surprised, saying, You always said you wanted to be a writer when we grew up. So does this mean we've finally grown up? That first book contract was for a novel called Snowdance which was released with Whiskey Creek Press in August 2007. Since then Sarita has sold several books and short stories.

With such a romantic husband for inspiration and a peaceful hideaway nestled in the hills it is easy to see how writing in the Leone household is a joy rather than a job.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romance
Willowbrook Manor
   1. In Name Only (2015)
   2. One Grand Season (2015)
   3. A Lady's Secret (2016)
   Snowdance (2007)
   Legal Tender (2008)
   Vineyard Mambo (2008)
   Timeless (2009)
   The Christmas Bargain (2010)
   Masquerade (2013)
   Shelby's Ghost (2016)
   Regenerate (2016)
   Tip-A-Canoe for Two (2017)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Finally, This Season (2007)
   Last Chance (2009)
   For the Love of Grace (2011)
   Hidden Prospects (2011)
   Petticoat Pledges (2011)
   Proclamations (2011)
   Reservation Required (2011)
   Moondrops (2013)
   Not Plain Jane (2015)
   Promises (2018)

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