Tamara Lush

Genres: Romance
   Reindeer Games (2018) (with Adriana Anders, Ainsley Booth, Andie J Christopher, Eve Dangerfield, HelenKay Dimon, Tracey Livesay, Kelly Maher and Charlotte Stein)
   Leave Me Breathless: The Ivy Collection (2019) (with HJ Bellus, H C Bentley, Barbra Campbell, Lyssa Cole, KL Donn, DL Gallie, Heather Guimond, Lexi Hart, Sophia Henry, Natalie Hill, K L Humphreys, Sonya Jesus, C M Lally, Ashley Lane, Samantha Lind, Kim Loraine, Kiersten Modglin, Samantha Morgan, M Piper, A C Williams, Dakota Willink and Michelle Windsor)