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Murder, 'Orrible Murder

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MURDER MOST 'ORRIBLE! Question: what do a French chef, a Victorian chimney sweep and Aphrodite, goddess of love, have in common? Answer: they are all busy solving murder cases in Murder, 'Orrible Murder! Auguste Didier, a master chef in Victorian London, flits from Queen Victoria's jubilee to the home of the Rightful King of England, pursuing his love of exquisite food while constantly being distracted by murder. Chimney sweep Tom Wasp walks the streets of East London with his chummy, young Ned, righting the many wrongs he comes across. Aphrodite, when she can take time off from her main duty of looking after the love life of the gods, including her own, proves a keen detective - particularly when her own interests are threatened. Other investigators include an ardent fan of Rudolph Valentino, and even Sherlock Holmes cannot bear to be excluded. Amy Myers's stories are filled with humor and a love of history. The London Evening Standard said about one of Auguste Didier's investigations, 'Reading like across between Hercule Poirot and Mrs Beeton . . . this feast of entertainment is packed with splendid late Victorian detail.' The cover is by Gail Cross

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