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Amy Myers

UK flag (b.1938)

aka Laura Daniels, Harriet Hudson

Amy Myers was born in Kent, where she still lives, although she has now ventured to the far side of the Medway. For many years a director of a London publishing company, she is now a full-time writer. Married to an American, she lived for some years in Paris, where, surrounded by food, she first dreamed up her Victorian chef detective Auguste Didier. Currently she is writing her contemporary crime series starring Jack Colby, car detective, and in between his adventures continuing her Marsh & Daughter series and her Victorian chimnney sweep Tom Wasp novels.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery, Historical Romance
Look for Me by Moonlight (1989) (as by Harriet Hudson)
When Nightingales Sang (1990) (as by Harriet Hudson)
The Sun in Glory (1991) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Wooing of Katie May (1992) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Girl from Gadsby's (1993) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Into the Sunlight (1996) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Not in Our Stars (1998) (as by Harriet Hudson)
To My Own Desire (2000) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Quinn (2001)
Tomorrow's Garden (2002) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Catching the Sunlight (2003) (as by Harriet Hudson)
The Windy Hill (2004) (as by Harriet Hudson)
The Stationmaster's Daughter (2005) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Applemere Summer (2005) (as by Harriet Hudson)
Murder, 'Orrible Murder (2006)
The Man Who Came Back (2009) (as by Harriet Hudson)
The Adventure of the Faithful Retainer (2012)
Into The Sunlight (2016)
Catching the Sunlight (2017)
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